Meet Your Coach

Robyn Ratcliff has over 20 years experience as a Business Owner, Business Consultant, Personal Coach, Hypnotherapist, Corporate Trainer, Inspiring & Motivating Speaker and Author. She is also the owner of a very successful Hair & Beauty Salon.


Robyn will help you make the changes that you want to make, so that you can have the results that you want.


Robyn has worked with one of Australia's largest Franchise Company’s as their National Learning & Development Manager as well as some of Australia's well known Training Organisations. She has also worked with many small business owners and individuals bringing out the best in them and helping them reach their goals.


Robyn is a Business Growth and Personal Development specialist. She is a dynamic and inspiring trainer & speaker who has been trained herself by some of the best names in the Country.


In 2018 Robyn was awarded the Global Award of "Exceptional Women of Excellence' for her work as a Coach & Trainer" 

She was a popular Speaker at the Women's Economic Forum in both India and Los Angeles.


Robyn motivates and inspires people to make changes in their business and lives, so that they can have the life that they truly desire. She helps people to break through whatever barriers are hindering their success.


Robyn is passionate about helping people reach their full potential, whilst at the same time, challenges people to go after what they really want in life.

Robyn motivates and helps others to look after their health and fitness. She is a Qualified Weight Management Consultant. Her story has been published in magazines throughout Australia.


Robyn appeared on the cover of the popular YMag in 2018, where her inspiring story was featured.


She teaches people how to make “margaritas” when life gives them “lemons” And one of her favourite sayings is:

“You can have results or excuses... but you can’t have both”


Robyn runs live workshops and webinars and has produced many on- line courses and personal development materials.


Robyn is a sort after Coach, Trainer, Speaker and E-Disc behaviour profiling expert.





 Here is what other people have to say about Robyn:


  Susan Wu - Donut King

 I actually make a profit now, Robyn helped me with a marketing plan and taught me some things that I have never heard of before, she is really smart. She helped me to get organised and things are a lot clearer now. I recommend Robyn.  


Brett Sanderson - Beaurepaires

 Robyn helped me put systems in place in my business. She also helped me set goals and focus on them. By doing this I started to be able to have some time away from my business which saved my marriage! Robyn is understanding and kind, but wow did she kick my butt when I needed it. I now actually love my business again.


 Paige Mathews - Michel's Patisserie

I can't thank Robyn enough for the difference she has made in our Business. We were in such a mess and didn't know where to turn to next. She helped us with gaining clarity and direction. We put a plan of action in place, which we followed with her guidance, and now we are making money, have systems in place and feel so much more positive about the future. Thank you so much